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Our mission is firmly rooted in loving God with our entire being (Luke 10:27) and training multiple generations to follow Christ as a way of life (Matthew 28:18-20).



We gather together as God's people every Sunday at 10:00am.


We continue to grow as God's people through our weekly small groups.


We go through our serving, missions, and volunteering.

Hope Church Believes:

  • Salvation is by grace only and comes as a consequence of placing our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • The Scriptures in the Old and New Testaments are divinely inspired and that they are the infallible authority for the Christian.

  • Christians have a mandate to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, beginning at home and then proclaiming it throughout the world.

  • Christians must publicly affirm their acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior through the ordinance of Believers’ Baptism by immersion.

  • Church membership is only for those who have personally experienced the saving grace of Jesus Christ and have demonstrated their faith in living and through baptism.

  • Our lifestyle must reflect our Christian principles and beliefs.

  • The church must be separate from the state and that it act in a democratic fashion with all members equal.

  • The Lord Jesus Christ will return bodily to this earth and that his ultimate kingdom and reign will be established.

  • There will be a bodily resurrection of the just and unjust. The just to everlasting enjoyment of eternal life (in heaven with God); the unjust to everlasting separation from God (in hell).

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